Latin American Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                               In Partnership with the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce

"South Bend has GROWTH Written all over it.....Why Not Become a Part of it?....."

July 15, 2013


The city of South Bend has a dynamic Latin American community that is well positioned for the future. This community and much of its surrounding neighbors have been blessed with hundreds of families from countries such as Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela.  More than 15 years ago the Michiana Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was founded by 10 hard working local business owners.  Now, operating under a new name, the Latin American Chamber of Commerce (LACC) has shifted its focus in efforts to strengthen the city of South Bend by empowering Latin American professionals through leadership, integrity and community. Over the past six months Jeff Rea, President/CEO of St. Joseph County Chamber of Commerce (SJCC), and I have developed the logistics pertaining to the LACC partnership with the SJCC. This liaison will bring several great opportunities for both Chambers.  Thus far, the Latin American Business Liaison Council (LABLC) has been formed as the Chamber’s steering committee.  The LABLC will delegate the issues, needs and ideas brought forth by our members to further aid this organization and its upcoming programs.    With today’s economy offering a new wave of opportunities, I invite you to help build a better tomorrow for all of South Bend by becoming a member of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce. We understand that our decisions today will have a lasting impact on tomorrow.  Therefore, it is with preservation and persistence that will cultivate this organization. The preservation of all that makes our Latin American community so unique, and the persistence in meeting the needs of this community, will make the LACC thrive.  As we continue developing the vision for the LACC business community’s future we celebrate its past, embrace the present, and strive for a prosperous future. 
Muchas Gracias y Que Dios los Bendiga a Todos,   Juan M. Hernandez, Jr.                                                           
Latin American Chamber of Commerce

From Our President

Juan M. Hernandez, Jr.

401 E. Colfax Ave. Suite 310
South Bend, IN 46617

Our Mission

The Latin American Chamber of Commerce is a liaison chamber engaging and promoting the economic and social advancement for the Latin American community and local businesses through opportunities and leadership; thereby enhancing the greater community.